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spectra continues touring

*spectra* continues touring – this time, my film is traveling to Varna and will be screened at the Moving Body Festival spectra gives insight into synaesthesia, a fascinating phenomenon where the senses blend. The film guides the viewer’s attention inwards. With calm ritualized movements, the protagonist invites us to enter her perspective – for a […]

spectra @ German Synaesthesia Association Exhibition

Wenn ihr in und um München seid kommt vorbei! Morgen ist mein Film ***spectra*** als Installation bei der Ausstellung der Deutsche Synästhesie-Gesellschaft e.V. (German Synaesthesia Association) in Die Bergschmiede zu sehen! Die Ausstellung verbindet Informationen über die Synästhesie und Kunst von diesen weiteren Synästhetiker*innen:Michael Haverkamp, Christian Deutschmann, Leonore Egbert, Frank K. Richter-Hoffmann, Zara Sadeghi, Anette […]

spectra @ Dance Days Chania

Many thanks to the organizers of Dance dDays Chania, who re-shaped the whole festival towards the current situation, making it possible to share performances, workshops, video dance and a conference during this international contemporary dance festival based in Chania Crete! Delighted that my film ‘spectra‘ is part of this inspiring event and will be screened […]



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