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Online Superclass – Empathy in Motion

I am offering two online ‘superclasses’ open to everybody through Bath Spa University/UK! // Empathy in Motion: How do we sense each other, feel into one another, and create dances together in times of social distancing? // -> THIS MONDAY, June 15th, 2-4 pm UK time and // Creating live Screendances based on the previous […]

I am sea – Online Exhibition

My latest film ‘I am sea‘ is featured in the exhibition at bathartistsstudios. The film is exhibited in an interactive way for the visitors to have a play with it and to leave resonances. The exhibition runs from March 15th-April 15th. Concerning Corona and the very important issue of acting responsibly for yourself and your […]

Creative Studio #1

Creative Studio is a space for us to creatively flow between different artisticmediums. You can play with moment/dance/performance, photo, painting, drawing, film,writing, voice, … Everything happening in the space is influencing and influenced by everythinghappening around. The space is filled with impulses, creative stimuli andexchange. CREATIVE STUDIO at Bethanien Berlin // Studio 142 Mariannenplatz 2 […]



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