09 November 2020

spectra continues touring

*spectra* continues touring – this time, my film is traveling to Varna and will be screened at the Moving Body Festival spectra gives insight into synaesthesia, a fascinating phenomenon where the senses blend. The film guides the viewer’s attention inwards. With calm ritualized movements, the protagonist invites us to enter her perspective – for a […]

10 October 2020

spectra @ German Synaesthesia Association Exhibition

Wenn ihr in und um München seid kommt vorbei! Morgen ist mein Film ***spectra*** als Installation bei der Ausstellung der Deutsche Synästhesie-Gesellschaft e.V. (German Synaesthesia Association) in Die Bergschmiede zu sehen! Die Ausstellung verbindet Informationen über die Synästhesie und Kunst von diesen weiteren Synästhetiker*innen:Michael Haverkamp, Christian Deutschmann, Leonore Egbert, Frank K. Richter-Hoffmann, Zara Sadeghi, Anette […]

17 June 2020

spectra @ Dance Days Chania

Many thanks to the organizers of Dance dDays Chania, who re-shaped the whole festival towards the current situation, making it possible to share performances, workshops, video dance and a conference during this international contemporary dance festival based in Chania Crete! Delighted that my film ‘spectra‘ is part of this inspiring event and will be screened […]

13 June 2020

Online Superclass – Empathy in Motion

I am offering two online ‘superclasses’ open to everybody through Bath Spa University/UK! // Empathy in Motion: How do we sense each other, feel into one another, and create dances together in times of social distancing? // -> THIS MONDAY, June 15th, 2-4 pm UK time and // Creating live Screendances based on the previous […]

08 March 2020

I am sea – Online Exhibition

My latest film ‘I am sea‘ is featured in the exhibition at bathartistsstudios. The film is exhibited in an interactive way for the visitors to have a play with it and to leave resonances. The exhibition runs from March 15th-April 15th. Concerning Corona and the very important issue of acting responsibly for yourself and your […]

07 February 2020

Creative Studio #1

Creative Studio is a space for us to creatively flow between different artisticmediums. You can play with moment/dance/performance, photo, painting, drawing, film,writing, voice, … Everything happening in the space is influencing and influenced by everythinghappening around. The space is filled with impulses, creative stimuli andexchange. CREATIVE STUDIO at Bethanien Berlin // Studio 142 Mariannenplatz 2 […]

07 February 2020

Premiere Videoart & Performance Auszug

My collaboration with Hans Wagenmann will premiere at Vienna on March 6th 2020! I am pleased to have been commissioned with the creative video-edit of his latest mulit-media performance Auszug – part of his work Heimaten.

15 January 2020

Das Neue steht und schweigt Touring

I had the immense pleasure to work as choreographer with Miranda Markgraf and an amazing team of artists on the performance Das Neue steht und schweigt, premiere 2019. We will perform again soon! Dates: Jan 31st -Feb 2nd 2020 – Dock 11 Berlin March 6th – Vienna

29 November 2019

Spatial Guitar by Kavall – Premiere!

Wonderful premiere of Kavall’s immersive concert installation Spatial Guitar last week in Berlin! So much looking forward to more concerts, performances and resonances!

29 November 2019

New Video Work ‘Auszug‘

Worlds into worlds into walls into mountains into dust into movement into snow, water, wood, movement human. Working on this new video edit for the performance ‘Auszug’ by Hans Wagenmann. #inspiration #collaboration#multiscreen #videoinstallation #liveperformance#heart #white #2020 Credits & Copyright: Hans Wagenmann & Stephanie Scheubeck

28 November 2019

Kinaesthetic Synaesthesia & Empathy – Research Lab @ Labormanifest Freiburg

Receiving and emitting waves: explorations on the relationship between kinaesthetic empathy and kinaesthetic synaesthesia. Resonances from my research lab @ labormanifest 9 in Freiburg (GER).    

12 November 2019

Synaesthesia Close Up – Inside the Workshop

Inside the workshop ‘Synaesthesia Close Up – Creating Sense Based Scores for Filmmaking’ #spaweek with Silvia Carderelli-Gronau @ Bath Spa University #filmmaking #synaesthesia #synesthesia #embodiment #closeup

05 November 2019

Workshop Synaesthesia Close Up @ SPA WEEK Bath Spa University

Preparing for our workshop Synaesthesia Close Up – Creating sense based scores for Filmmaking tomorrow at #bathspaweek with Stephanie Scheubeck Silvia Carderelli-Gronau @ Bath Spa University

04 November 2019

Screendance Workshop @ MA Dance Bath Spa University

Great screendance filmmaking session with MA Dance students @ Bath Spa University (UK) today! textures – closeup – evaluating – reflecting – screendance – filmmaking

02 November 2019

Reflections Day 2 Symposium Queering the Somatic

a space-place where the body and mind fall into place *** practice as embodiment of thinking process *** felt sense *** make spaces *** potential *** hearing-touch-identity *** identity? *** spaces Reflections Day 2 of the symposium Queering the Somatic – Interrupting the Narrative @ Middlesex University space – potential – practice – queer – keepquestioning – london – somatics – play – disrupt – narrative – alive

01 November 2019

Reflections Day 1 Symposium Queering the Somatic

Kindness *** Playfulness *** Disrupt *** Edges *** Questioning everything around you *** Activity *** Encoding & decoding messages *** Some people are not making the same experiences as others *** Entitled to humanity *** Expectations / to not fit expectations / having expectations *** Filth *** The process of understanding someone else’s story *** […]

24 October 2019

Synaesthesia in Movement Workshop Berlin

This multi-art form workshop centers around synaesthesia, a fascinating phenomenon where the senses blend. Dance, imagery, sound, drawing and painting enrich one another in a creative exchange. Through somatic movement we tune into our sensory perception. Music stimulates vivid imagery. Through creative drawings and paintings we make this imagery tangible . In vibrant dance improvisations […]

07 October 2019

Queering Synaesthesia @ Symposium Queering the Somatic

Delighted to be contributing to this wonderful symposium with a workshop – together with my great colleague Matt Cleary! ***Queering the Somatic: re-imagine, re-educate, re-think, reveal and allow us to re-create a world without the limits of binaries that reflect the somatic experience of Being in the world.*** We hope; ‘Let’s imagine together we have all […]

05 October 2019

Korea Artist Prize 2019

Soon, Un-Splitting will premiere the at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Korea 국립현대미술관! I have been collaborating with Korean artist Young In Hong on this performance for the last months, working in Berlin and Bristol/Bath – very excited for the premiere in Seoul next week! Un-Splitting 2019 Young In Hong, Stephanie Scheubeck, Fifteen Participants  […]

16 September 2019

My Research published by Intellect/JDSP

Feeling great joy to see that my article ‘Colours on the surface of my body in motion: The relationship between synaesthesia and dance improvisation’ is now published by Intellect in the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices (Vol 11: 1) – along with many rich articles on ‘Wright-ing the Somatic: Narrating the Bodily’. Heartfelt thanks […]

01 August 2019

Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut

Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut – L. Heinecke & F. Löwe *** ich bin beschenkt diese neue Produktion von Laura Heinecke choreografisch begleiten zu dürfen. Das Erleben der Begegnung von Tanz und Malerei in vielfachen Facetten. Premiere 19.09. fabrik Potsdam Uraufführung! “Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut” schafft einen utopischen Raum, in dem […]

16 June 2019

Jury Award for spectra

This is amazing! ‘spectra‘ won the Jury Award of 1st INTERNATIONAL SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL Freiburg! idea, concept, choreography, camera & editing: Stephanie Scheubeck dance & choreography: Marlène Colle sound & composition: Kavall happy happy happy ! Thanks to Theater Freiburg and the festival team for creating this opportunity and to the jury for awarding our film!

30 May 2019

spectra @ International Screendance Festival Freiburg

‘spectra’ continues touring! Next week my film will be screened at *****International Screen Dance Festival Freiburg***** 🙂 Feels like coming home! Dear colleague dancers, artists, family and friends in Freiburg and around, the screening is on *****Thursday, June 6th***** – come, perceive and discuss the films! I can highly recommend the festival! It has a diverse program, […]

16 May 2019

spectra @ American Dance Festival

American Dance Festival here we come! My screendance film ‘spectra’ continues touring and will be screened in the U.S. at ADF’s Movies By Movers  🙂 Still so glad that I could work with my great colleagues Marlène Colle (performance/choreography) and Kavall (sound) on this film!  

18 April 2019

Research Lab @ MA Dance Bath Spa University

Had the best time delivering a lecture and lab to the MA in Dance students at Bath Spa University – explorations on ‘OFF FOCUS as a place’ in filmmaking and performance. Always great to work with them! #offfocus #explorations #elusive #play            

20 March 2019

collective b @ orrbbitt instagram residency

Here is an invitation to follow Manu Jara, Stephanie Scheubeck and Silvia Carderelli-Gronau on an online residency on Instagram. Our collaboration started during the MA at Bath Spa and we created Collective B (Berlin, Bogota, Bristol, the places we live and work from) a screendance collective that promotes creative collaboration instead of creative isolation. We are making and posting […]

27 February 2019

Sound & Colour Production @ Tafelhalle COOK & TALK

Let´s keep cooking exchanging, researching, moving!  Great evening Tafelhalle with COOK & TALK mit Barbara Bess & Stephanie Scheubeck! Lecture, workshop, cooking, eating,   exchanging, moving, talking, painting, laughing, questioning, … Many insights on synaesthesia and its relationship to dance!

25 February 2019

Sound & Colour Production @ Atelier 15 (GER)

Wunderbarer Abend im voll ausgebuchten Atelier 15 in Schwabach gestern! 🙂 Glücklich und erfüllt über den wunderbaren Austausch zu Synästhesie und Wahrnehmung im Rahmen von Vortrag, Workshop und Performance. ***** Die Tour in Franken geht weiter! MORGEN – 19 Uhr – Tafelhalle Nürnberg – COOK & TALk mit Barbara Bess! Bei Kartoffelbrei und Veggie Würstchen mehr über Synästhesie und meine […]

09 February 2019

Das Neue Steht und Schweigt – Miranda Markgraf Tanz

        So ein tolles Feedback zur Premiere von DAS NEUE STEHT UND SCHWEIGT, das aktuelle Stück von Miranda Markgraf bei dem ich Choreographie führen durfte: „Ich kenne alle Stücke von Miranda Markgraf. Das ist ihr stärkstes Stück bisher! Total stimmig, fein abgestimmt in dem großen Bogen, toll ausgearbeitete Höhepunkte. Super!“ Und eine ganz […]

30 January 2019

spectra @ seyr festival

Proud to announce that my film spectra is being screened at Seyr Festival, Iran´s first screendance film festival! Congratualtions to Tanin Torabi for organising this event!

20 December 2018

SPA WEEK #1 – Sound & Colour Production Workshop

YEAH! Dedication, creativity, craziness, explorations, discoveries – wonderful Sound & Colour Production workshop at the SPA WEEKS at Bath Spa University! Great work of the students! We explored the relationship between synaesthesia and embodiment through drawings, film and installations in the studio as well as outside on campus.***** And then I found myself blind walking […]

11 October 2018

Videoskin @ Yukon/Canada

My audiovisual production ‘At the Vanishing Point‘ is being screened at the exhibition Videoscreen / The Edge Gallery ( in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada***** from November 2 – 27 ! 🙂 An exhibition venue linked to the vibrant Arts Underground, a community space dedicated to the exploration, teaching and presentation of visual arts and heritage 🤩

27 September 2018

SPA Week – Synaesthesia in Motion Workshop

I will be delivering the workshop ’Synaesthesia in Motion – A Sound & Colour Production Workshop’ during the first SPA Week at Bath Spa University (UK). ’Launching on Monday 5 November is our very first SPA Week – which stands for ‘Special Projects and Activities’ Week – this will be a series of pop-up projects and activities run […]

27 September 2018

Music Video for Yippie Yeah

German band Yippie Yeah commissioned me a music video for their song ’Alte Farbe’. Heydoo, Yippee Yeah!! Looking forward to the production!

18 July 2018

Percolate Residency Ireland

Sound & Colour Production will soon be going to Ireland for the Percolate Residency in Limerick. We are very much looking forward to the second residency with the production this summer! You can find updates on the residency on this page and on Facebook:           

27 June 2018

OUT NOW – INTERVIEW Women CineMakers

OUT NOW!! WOMEN CINEMAKERS – Special Edition – featuring an interview on my film SPECTRA and my practice! page 50. Cover image from my performance LUCIDITY – Thanks to Women CineMakers Team for putting together this rich volume!

21 June 2018

Sound & Colour Production R&D Residency BSU

Sound & Colour Production undertook its first research and development residency supported by Bath Spa University and Bath Dance in June 2018. Diving deep into the research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance we delivered masterclasses to students and professional artists of all disciplines, a community workshop and a public showing of the […]

13 June 2018

AVBody – At the Vanishing Point

Thanks for inviting me to present my audio-visual installation At the Vanishing Point @ AVBODY: SYMPOSIUM ON THE AUDIOVISUAL BODY! Great variety of approaches, implementations and aesthetics on the audiovisual body! #audiovisual #embodiment #urbanresearchtheatre #judaicaproject #universityofhuddersfield

30 May 2018

Community Workshop – Sound & Colour Production – Bath (UK)

This multi art form workshop centres around synaesthesia, a fascinating neurological phenomenon where the senses blend. OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF EXPEREINCE IN ART AND DANCE! ******* Come along & let’s boost our creativity ******* MOVE it * SENSE it * DRAW it! Dance, imagery, sound, drawing and painting enrich one another in a creative […]

04 May 2018

DISRUPTION exhibiting murmurations

Exhibition Set-Up today – DISRUPTION – Next Tuesday!! Warming up the space with our energy, technology, imagery, sound and INSPIRATION! Private View May 8th, 6.30 Sion Hill Bath Spa University! Looking forward to seeing so many of you wonderful people again! Thanks to Margarita Trujillo, Olivia Coughlan and Ciaran Markey for so much effort, energy and passion for the work! The exhibition […]

13 April 2018

Interview WomenCineMakers

I am excited and pleased to announce that WomenCineMakers have submitted me a personal interview about my artistic production for their Biennal Edition. It is their special edition featuring new media artists and independent filmmakers. The interview questions are thoughtfully tailored towards my practice. They ’have been really impressed with your insightful inquiry into the uniqueness of human perception and […]

23 March 2018

Audio-Visual Installation At the Vanishing Point @ AVBODY

The audio-visual installation At the Vanishing Point will be presented at AVBODY: Symposium on the Audio-Visual Body at the University of Huddersfield in June 2018!

03 February 2018

Paper at the Symposium Narrating the Somatic

Excited and very much looking forward to contribute to the symposium Narrating the Somatic: Gathering voices, sharing practices at Middlesex University with a paper on my practice-led research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance. February 24th / 9 am – 6 pm / Middlesex University / London / UK

03 February 2018

Personal Space

A collaboration between Stephanie Scheubeck, Silvia Carderelli-Gronau and Ana Manuela Jara. The project unravels identity by investigating how it is shaped through perception and the ’somatic self’ rather than by cultural and social contexts. We explore our sensorial identities from inside out, by connecting with our liquid body, synaesthetic perception, tactile and kinaesthetic sense. We investigate the […]

02 February 2018

murmurations – multi screen audio visual installation

Murmurations explores the concept of ’flocking and swarming’ by the means of dance, camera and sound through a somatic approach. The physical movements of the dancers modulate light which is captured through the lens of the camera. Depending on its movement, its density or expansion in space, the flock of dancers provides an ever-changing rhythm […]

16 January 2018

Evolve II

Delighted to present two of my recent new works in progress, murmurations and personal space, at ’Evolve – Graduate dance Platform’ on February 9th at the Bath Spa University Theatre (UK) murmurations: Moving lines of light, bodies swarming, a lens following, capturing, sounds – bright shapes echoing movement – fine tones and low frequencies stimulate imagination beyond what is seen. […]

16 January 2018

New Audio-Visual installation at Evolve Platform

Delighted to announce the new collaboration between me and sound artist Ciaran Markey is going to be presented at Evolve Platform! The audio-visual installation murmuration will take its first step on the way to be presented as a multi-screen and surround sound installation.

20 October 2017

Goethe-Institute Ireland supports spectra

  Goethe-Institute Ireland supports the screening and attendance of director Stephanie Scheubeck and composer Kavall at Light Moves Festival of Screendance 2017.    

22 September 2017

Symposium ’Bodily Undoing: Somatic Activism and Performance Cultures as Practices of Critique’

Delighted to have been invited to contribute with a paper on my research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and performance as well as the audio-visual installation ’At the Vanishing Point’. The symposium at Bath Spa University was an inspiring and important event filled with workshops, performances and lectures. Researchers, artists and performers from around the globe gathered […]

06 August 2017

spectra @ Light Moves Festival of Screen Dance 2017

Delighted and excited that my screen dance film ’spectra’ is going to be screened at Light Moves Festival of Screen Dance 2017! Massive thanks again to the amazing Marlène Colle for her mesmerizing performance and to Kavall for the hypnotizing sound scape!      

06 June 2017

At the Vanishing Point

I presented my new audio-visual installation ’At the Vanishing Point’ at Bath Spa University today. This work explores embodiment, intimacy, the natural and abstraction. In this spatially arranged installation, a soundscape and a screen dance film melt into an immersive synaesthetic experience. So many people and sites were involved in the creation process of this work […]

22 April 2017

Dance in VR

I am happy to work again with Lisa May Thomas on her dance-led somatic approach to multi-person interactive VR framework, working across the departments of Drama and Computer Science at the University of Bristol. After a first residency at Arnolfini / Bristol we are now continuing the exciting research this week at a residency at […]

20 March 2017

Residency – The Porthleven Prize 2017

                                            I had the enriching opportunity to be part of the Bath Spa Porthleven Prize 2017. This one week long residency took place in Cornwall, in the small town Porthleven. Working every day by the […]

15 March 2017

Residency – The Porthleven Prize 2017

I had the enriching opportunity to participate in the Bath Spa Porthleven Prize 2017. The week long residency took place in Cornwall, in the beautiful town Porthleven. Working every day by the seaside, exchanging with artists from various disciplines and attending workshops from sound over fine art to performance and intervention enriched my artistic process […]

20 January 2017


Just finished my screen dance film ’spectra’, the first film production in which I had the opportunity to not only be in charge of the concept, idea and choreography, but also of the cinematography, edit and post production! Massive thanks to the amazing Marlène Colle for her mesmerizing performance and to Kavall for the hypnotizing […]

27 October 2016

Flugmodus Premiere in Potsdam

“Flugmodus – By Laura Heinecke & Company” This enchanting piece is premiering on saturday in Potsdam. I assisted on the research rehearsals in spring and am  intrigued by the outcome! Come to Potsdam! 29.10.2016 – 20:00 30.10.2016 – 20:00 31.10.2016 – 20:00  

03 June 2016

Berlin Konzert

Endlich das Konzert in BERLIN!! Kommt zahlreich und tanzt, träumt und hüpft mit groß und klein zu den Songs dieser großartigen Künstler! Videolink zu Gisbert zu Knyphausens “Immer muß ich alles sollen” (Produktion: Videobuero/ beatsecutse) Kinderlieder, zu denen auch Eltern tanzen wollen – das ist der Compilation Unter meinem Bett – CD gelungen – dank […]

23 January 2016

Das kleine Licht bin ich/ T-Werk Potsdam

Noch 7 Wochen bis zur Premiere des Lichtspiel- Tanztheaters “Das kleine Licht bin ich” am 13.02.16 im T-Werk Potsdam. Tolles Team und zauberhafte Bildwelten! Ich freue mich dass ich als Choreographin eingeladen bin den Prozeß zu unterstützen!

15 December 2015

AION @ SinemaDansAnkara 2015

After being screened @ Sydney´s “Dwelling Project” festival, tonight our dance film AION is programmed @ SinemaDansAnkara 2015 Great video art by Roger Rossell and sound by Michael Steffensky/ The Psychonautic Vibrogroove! For all of those who missed it in Australia and can´t make it to Ankara this evening: watch it on vimeo

03 December 2015

Marjorie Chau – Caleuche

Wow, jetzt sind sie da! Die Photos zu Marjorie Chaus neuer Produktion! Wunderschöne, zart und mächtige Figuren mit so viel Weite inszeniert! Es ist mir ein Fest Teil davon zu sein! Gratulation an Marjorie und das ganze Team, meine tollen Kollegen und an Stefanie Walk, die die Szenen so ausdrucksstark eingefangen hat! more on

21 November 2015

Happy beatsecutse!

Erstes Video veröffentlicht! Happy Birthday beatsecutse!