This multi art form workshop centres around synaesthesia, a fascinating neurological phenomenon where the senses blend.

OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF EXPEREINCE IN ART AND DANCE! ******* Come along & let’s boost our creativity *******
MOVE it * SENSE it * DRAW it!

Dance, imagery, sound, drawing and painting enrich one another in a creative exchange. Through somatic movement we tune into our sensory perception, let vivid imageries arise stimulated by music and sounds which we will translate into creative drawings and paintings. In vibrant improvisations we translate the paintings and drawings into dance.

Let´s meet in a respectful and vibrant verbal and artistic exchange on perception, expression – diversity!

The workshop is open to participants of diverse backgrounds in movement, dance, fine art and music. It specifically invites participants who are new to this kind of work and who are interested in exploring movement, sensory perception, sound, drawing and neurodiversity in a vibrant workshop.

Date: JUNE 9th
Time: 2-4 pm
Location: Friends Meeting House Bath/ Somerset/ UK