Soon, Un-Splitting will premiere the at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Korea 국립현대미술관! I have been collaborating with Korean artist Young In Hong on this performance for the last months, working in Berlin and Bristol/Bath – very excited for the premiere in Seoul next week!



Young In Hong, Stephanie Scheubeck, Fifteen Participants 

Un-Splitting sees history as a subconsciously formed collective memory; a ‘virtual’ state that can be changed or re-interpreted.

For this performance, Young In focused on the female body-pose found in photo archives that reflect the inferiority of women’s labour in domestic space as well as in factoriesand the socially formed conception of young women as being non-political subjects. Participants in the performance pose as subjects from the past found in selected archival photographs of South Korean women. Different female body poses were then combined with patterns from the irregular movement of birds, to develop a unique choreography.

The performance takes place in unannounced spots at the first floor of the MMCA. The physical distance between the performers and the audience will be minimised.

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#unsplitting #mmcakorea #choreographer #collaboration #koreaartistprize…/%EB%B9%84-%EB%B6%84%EC%97%…

#unsplitting #mmcakorea #choreographer #collaboration #koreaartistprize