catarina miranda/ flocks & shoals – wudu volcae

Dance performance development regarding the research on group presence, within states of enlighten and darkness, while intervention at the level of change in perception and recognition of the elapsed interval between physical and emotional displacement.

A study about erotism and otherness towards the process of constructing (image, sound and sensitive space) in real time, based on the analysis of animal group displacements inherent movement (flocks, herds, shoals) as a proposal of recognition of the “space between” contexts in relation with an audience.

CONCEPT / DIRECTION by Catarina Miranda  –  collective flocks and shoals
PERFORMANCE / COLLABORATION by André Soares, Antje Schmidt, Catarina Miranda, Chiara Picotto, Daniela Schmidtke, Miranda Markgraf, Rosabel Huguet, Stephanie Scheubeck
LIGHT DESIGN by Roger Rossell and Catarina Miranda
PRESENTED at Altes Finanzamt/ Berlin During November 2010; Integrated in the cycle “Why Is There A Shadow In The Kitchen?”
SUPPORTED by Altes Finanzamt and by Centro Nacional De Cultura/ Portugal.