GOING DEEP/ Performance Training

GOING DEEP is a research training open for people interested in exploring the relationship between the senses and the body in performance.

In GOING DEEP we travel between doing little -which can be big- to doing a lot -what can be subtle.

Through conscious breathing, hands-on practice and guided movement exploration (informed by methods such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Thai Massage and Somatic Movement) we activate our energetic system, our physical body and strengthen the fluid exchange through the different material and energetically layers of our body.

Using our voice supports us to open up and to connect to the space around us and to enhance expression.

We explore timing, space and interaction.

While researching on concrete tasks, we create physical and sensory impacts. We sharpen our senses and resonate. We translate the received sensory information into dance, create fluidity and density between our bodies, vibrations and pulsations that radiate into the space around us. We cultivate listening as a method.

The class is concluded by bodywork in order to both broaden our knowledge of body and movement by touching and sensing and to regenerate our bodies.

The Training is influenced by my studies in dance, Qi Gong, Butoh, Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, body work, vocal art.

The main inspiration for GOING DEEP comes from my own research on physicality, using softness and a loving spirit to my body and to the group as a greater energetic body in space.

For upcoming workshops and classes please contact me via info@stephaniescheubeck.com