I am sea – audio-visual research

I am sea I am air I am wind I am tree
In resonance with the surrounding. Tuning into another beings movement and emotion. Kinaesthetic empathy. Immersed in sensorial stimuli. Moving coloured textures. Synaesthesia. Resonances permeating the body, matter.

I am sea is a research as well as an audio-visual and documentary approach to the relationship between kinaesthetic empathy and synaesthesia.

idea & concept: Stephanie Scheubeck

camera & edit: Stephanie Scheubeck

music: KAVALL

performance: Veruschka Bohn, Frauke Both, Friederike Heine, Daniela Schmidtke, Deva Schubert, Aslan Seebohm, Sara Spennemann & participants of Viewpoints Training Berlin

March – April 2020
Exhibition Open Frames (UK) – study #2

February 2020
EVOLVE Platform (UK) – work in progress version / study #1