Masterclass Sound & Colour Prodcution

Dance, imagery, sound, drawing and painting enrich one another in a creative exchange. Through somatic movement practice we tune into our sensory perception. Music stimulates vivid images, which we make tangible in creative drawings and paintings. In vibrant dance improvisations we translate the pictures and drawings into movement.

A lively, attentive and respectful exchange on the individual ways of perception and sensory processing takes place artistically as well as verbally throughout the class.

This multi-art form masterclass centers around synaesthesia, a fascinating phenomenon where the senses blend. At the centre of the class is the abstraction and transformation of sensory stimuli. Students will practice creativity by flowing from one medium to another, taking one stimulus on and translating it into a medium of their choice: drawings, paintings, film, text, photography and movement. In cycles of perception and expression, the individual processing of sensory stimuli becomes tangible and serves as a basis for artistic creation.

The masterclass is open to participants of diverse backgrounds in movement, dance, fine art and music. It specifically invites participants who are new to this kind of work and who are interested in exploring movement, sensory perception, sound, drawing and neurodiversity in a vibrant setting.

Example for a cycle of sound/listening – drawing – dance:

We activate our hearing through various exercises in order to perceive the acoustic environment differentiated. We listen to music and synesthetically associate images, shapes, colors, smells, movements, touch. We then create paintings and drawings of those associations. The drawings are translated into motion, individually and collectively. The process evolves into an open improvisation where dance, sound and images synesthetically inform one another. 

We activate our hearing through various exercises in order to differentiate the acoustic environment. While listening to a soundscape we associate images, shapes, textures and colors in a synaesthetic way. We create paintings and drawings of these associations and  translate them into movement. The process evolves into an open improvisation in which dance, sound and image inform each other synesthetically.

Example – Training methods and influences:

The body is the basis for the work. The class starts with a warm up of the different layers of our body – muscles, flesh, bones, tissues, the senses. Exercises from Qi Gong, somatic practice and meditation heighten the awareness of our perception. We intensify the physique through breathing exercises, shaking and elements from body weather training and Butoh.

The warm up transitions into improvisational exercises in the space where we work with the density between our bodies and the spatial forms that they create. The bodies form a web in the space, which constantly evolves and creates new constellations.

Each Masterclass is individually designed for the target group. Depending on the time frame and resources, classes can also include the work with video projections and installations.