Delighted to present two of my recent new works in progress, murmurations and personal space, at ’Evolve – Graduate dance Platform’ on February 9th at the Bath Spa University Theatre (UK)


Moving lines of light, bodies swarming, a lens following, capturing, sounds – bright shapes echoing movement – fine tones and low frequencies stimulate imagination beyond what is seen. A screendance maker, a sound artist and three dancers explore the capturing of light through the camera lens, its modification by the physical movement of bodies and ways of creating a contemplative space.

personal space:

Based in different geographical spaces, Berlin, Bath and Bristol, three artists researched collaboratively on the theme of personal space and ’somatic self’. They explored sensorial identities from inside out, by connecting with their liquid body, synaesthetic perception and kinaesthetic sense, using screendance film making as research tool.
In collaboration with artists Manu Jara and Silvia Carderelli-Gronau.