Murmurations explores the concept of ’flocking and swarming’ by the means of dance, camera and sound through a somatic approach. The physical movements of the dancers modulate light which is captured through the lens of the camera.

Depending on its movement, its density or expansion in space, the flock of dancers provides an ever-changing rhythm and different frequencies for the light to enter the lens. The light is captured in abstract shapes, opening up space for imagination, beyond what is seen. Small particles might evoke associations to space, reflections turn into creatures and a pulsing flickering turns into a mesmerizing rhythm.

Murmurations provides space for contemplation by its meditative aesthetic. The project is designed to be elaborated into a multi screen audio visual installation in which each screen portraits one imagery as an entity. These entities interweave aesthetically and the sound and imagery of the installation blend into one experience.

Concept & creation – Stephanie Scheubeck & Ciaran Markey Camera & edit – Stephanie Scheubeck
Choreography – Stephanie Scheubeck
Sound artist – Ciaran Markey
Dancers – Jill Moshman, Ruoxuan Zhao, Weichang Yan

work in progress showing:
09.02.2018 / Bath Spa University Theatre