A collaboration between Stephanie Scheubeck, Silvia Carderelli-Gronau and Ana Manuela Jara. The project unravels identity by investigating how it is shaped through perception and the ’somatic self’ rather than by cultural and social contexts. We explore our sensorial identities from inside out, by connecting with our liquid body, synaesthetic perception, tactile and kinaesthetic sense. We investigate the personal, private or intimate space as an extension of our body, a place where we can connect with our sensorial self and explore our perceptions and our connections to it.

How can we portrait the sensorial identity of a person through video and live performance? What would need to be captured through the lens to give the audience a ’sensorial’ sense? How does our physicality as dancers inform the research process in filmmaking, and how do these technologically informed processes influence our physical performance? How can the kinaesthetic sense of our movements be transferred into film, to live performance and towards the audience?

Personal Space is a collaborative continuation and deepening of our individual interests and a space to explore the merging of those individual spaces, since in the constructs of personal space we are all connected within a social space.

Concept / Creation / Performance / Film:
Ana Manuela Jara, Silvia Carderelli-Gronau, Stephanie Scheubeck

work in progress showing:
09/02/2018 – Bath Spa University Theatre