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08 November 2019

Korea Artist Prize 2019

Un-Splitting Korea Artist Prize 2019 Young In Hong, Stephanie Scheubeck, Fifteen Participants  National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Korea 국립현대미술관 Un-Splitting sees history as a subconsciously formed collective memory; a ‘virtual’ state that can be changed or re-interpreted. For this performance, Young In focused on the female body-pose found in photo archives that reflect the […]

16 September 2019

Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut

“Allegoría – Moment in Farbe und Haut” schafft einen utopischen Raum, in dem sich die Tänzerin Laura Heinecke und die Malerin Franziska Löwe mit ihren unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Medien begegnen. Linie, Farbe und Körper sind in ständiger Berührung – der Tanz wird Grafik, die Malerei wird Bewegung… In ihrem Dialog umkreisen und erspüren sie sowohl das […]

20 December 2018

Upcoming & Calendar

2020 March 6                                   Das Neue Steht Und Schweigt / Tanztheater & Workshop – Vienna (AUT)                                      Auszug / performative Video-Installation – Vienna (AUT) 12-14                            Luminale Frankfurt (GER) Interactive Light Installation & […]

27 September 2018

SPA Weeks – Synaesthesia in Motion Workshop

’Synaesthesia in Motion – A Sound & Colour Production Workshop’ took place during the first SPA Week at Bath Spa University (UK) in November 2018. ’Launching on Monday 5 November is our very first SPA Week – which stands for ‘Special Projects and Activities’ Week – this will be a series of pop-up projects and activities run […]

27 September 2018

Music Video for Yippie Yeah!

   German band Yippie Yeah commissioned me a music video for their song ’Alte Farbe’. Heydoo, Yippee Yeah!! Looking forward to the production!

18 July 2018

Percolate Residency Ireland

Sound & Colour Production will soon be going to Ireland for the Percolate Residency in Limerick. We are very much looking forward to the second residency with the production this summer! The production receives support from Goethe Institute Ireland and Dance Limerick for this residency. You can find updates on the residency on this page and […]

27 June 2018

OUT NOW – Women CineMakers Interview

OUT NOW!! WOMEN CINEMAKERS – Special Edition – featuring an interview on my film SPECTRA and my practice! page 50. Cover image from my performance LUCIDITY – Thanks to Women CineMakers Team for putting together this rich volume!

30 May 2018

Community Workshop – Sound & Colour Production – Bath

This multi art form workshop centres around synaesthesia, a fascinating neurological phenomenon where the senses blend. OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF EXPEREINCE IN ART AND DANCE! ******* Come along & let’s boost our creativity ******* MOVE it * SENSE it * DRAW it! Dance, imagery, sound, drawing and painting enrich one another in a creative […]

13 April 2018

WomenCineMakers – Interview

I am excited and pleased to announce that WomenCineMakers have submitted me a personal interview about my artistic production for their Biennal Edition. It is their special edition featuring new media artists and independent filmmakers. The interview questions are thoughtfully tailored towards my practice. They ’have been really impressed with your insightful inquiry into the uniqueness of human perception and […]

23 March 2018

At the Vanishing Point @ AVBODY

The audio-visual installation At the Vanishing Point will be presented at AVBODY: Symposium on the Audio-Visual Body at the University of Huddersfield in June 2018!

03 February 2018

Paper at the Symposium Narrating the Somatic

Excited and very much looking forward to contribute to the symposium Narrating the Somatic: Gathering voices, sharing practices at Middlesex University with a paper on my practice-led research into the relationship between synaesthesia, embodiment and dance.  February 24th / 9 am – 6 pm / Middlesex University / London / UK

16 January 2018

Evolve Graduate Dance Platform

Delighted to present two of my recent new works in progress, murmurations and Personal Space, at ’Evolve – Graduate dance Platform’ on February 9th at the Bath Spa University Theatre (UK) murmurations: Moving lines of light, bodies swarming, a lens following, capturing, sounds – bright shapes echoing movement – fine tones and low frequencies stimulate […]

04 October 2017

Light Moves Festival of Screendance 2017

Delighted that my film ’spectra’ will be screened at Light Moves Festival of Screendance in November 2017.

01 September 2017

Bodily Undoing – Somatic Activism and Performance Cultures as Practices of Critique

I will contribute to this exciting event with a 20 minute paper on my research into the relationship between synaesthesia, dance and embodiment as well as with my recent audio-visual installation At the Vanishing Point. BODILY UNDOING – SOMATIC ACTIVISM AND PERFORMANCE CULTURES AS PRACTICES OF CRITIQUE weblink two day symposium BATH SPA UNIVERSITY, NEWTON PARK […]

01 September 2017

LUCIDITY – digital performance

Lucidity offers insight into synaesthesia – a fascinating phenomenon where the trigger of one sense simultaneously triggers another. Live on stage, two artists interweave continuously transforming waves of sound, movement, colour and light into immersive layerings of sensory stimuli. Based on research into and the creator’s personal experience of synaesthesia, Lucidity promotes it as an […]